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  • Medical Definition of DEHPMedicineNet

     · DEHP A softener for polyvinyl chloride ( PVC ), a plastic polymer used in a wide array of products. Unplasticized PVC is hard and brittle at room temperature. A plasticizer (softener) is typically added to increase the flexibility of the polymer. DEHP is the plasticizer for most PVC medical devices. Devices that may contain DEHP-plasticized

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    DEHP-Free Hydrophilic and Pre-lubricated Catheters. For questions requiring medical advice regarding the potential health effects of DEHP, please talk to your doctor or another qualified medical professional. Call Toll-Free (877) . Request Free Samples. Join the 180 Community.

  • Non-DEHP PVC and Medical Devices Thought Leadership

    By Larry Wallace. The story around PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and DEHP (di-2ethylhexyl phthalate)-based PVC in medical devices has been well told. PVC has been a staple in medical products and medical devices since the second world war and today still really has no equal in its widespread use and application. Nevertheless, about thirty years ago

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    Premium DEHP-Free PVC Tubing for Sale. You’ll find our DEHP-free tubing is Class VI, BPA-free and comes in coil lengths that range from 100 to 250 feet. The tubing is also blue, allowing for easy recognition of the tubing type at a glance. You’ll also find a variety of different tubing diameters, listed in both metric and imperial system

  • A new simple and rapid HPLC method for determination of

     · Due to the difficulty of obtaining a PVC material free of DEHP, the specificity of the determination was checked by the method of standard addition (Bolton, 1984 McCormick and Roach, 1987 Massart et al., 1988). The linearity obtained in such a

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     · Phthalates are chemicals added to polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic to make it softer and more flexible.Di (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP) is the type used the most in medical devices such as

  • Medical Definition of DEHPMedicineNet

     · DEHP A softener for polyvinyl chloride ( PVC ), a plastic polymer used in a wide array of products. Unplasticized PVC is hard and brittle at room temperature. A plasticizer (softener) is typically added to increase the flexibility of the polymer. DEHP is the plasticizer for most PVC medical devices. Devices that may contain DEHP-plasticized

  • Is DEHP in Catheters Harmful?180 Medical

    Yes, 180 Medical is committed to carrying a wide variety of high-quality catheter products, including DEHP-free catheters. Because we want our customers to have a catheter that fits their individual needs and preferences, we make it a point to offer plenty of options from all the top brands on the market.


     · 20 times more DEHP from medical device related sources than what the agency considers tolerable. The FDA further recommended that health care practitioners take action to reduce exposures. The FDA’s safety assessment supports an Expert Panel convened by the National Toxicology Program in October 2000 that raised concerns about DEHP for some

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     · 5 Facts about Healthcare in Algeria. Algeria is located on the Northern coast of Africa and is home to 42.2 million people. The nation adopted a universal single-payer healthcare system in 1984, which allows anyone to access healthcare at no cost to themselves. The nation’s economy is largely reliant on oil prices and sales, but these have

  • Non-PVC, Non-DEHP IV Solutions ICU Medical

    ICU Medical offers VisIV in non-PVC/non-DEHP, non-latex IV container in 0.9% Sodium Chloride Injection, USP and 5% Dextrose Injection USP, available in 50 mL, 100 mL, and 250 mL and made for drug compatibility. VisIV features large print for readability, a clear container for easy inspection, and sterile ports that eliminate the need for

  • Sample List of PVC/DEHP-Free Products in Health Care

     · Page 1 of 33 Key PVC content, DEHP free cbw = confirmed by website cbc = confirmed by contact with company How confir med Category Manufacturer Telephone #

  • What is the best alternative to DEHP for medical-grade

     · While phthalate esters such as DEHP are the most widely used plasticizers for flexible PVC medical compounds and have been for 50 years, issues concerning their possible effects on human health have caused some device manufacturers to consider compounds containing alternative plasticizers. Sometimes the pressure to do so is considerable.

  • Phthalate Regulations in the European Union An Overview

     · DEHP RoHS Directive. The RoHS Directive restricts the use of certain heavy metals and phthalates that are deemed dangerous, in order to protect the health of the users and avoid environmental pollution. Components of electronics products like plastic enclosures, USB cables, power cords, wires, and connectors often contain phthalates as

  • DEHP-Free Phthalate-Free PVC Medical Tubing

    Grayline LLC has introduced flexible, medical grade PVC tubing products that are either Phthalate-Free or DEHP-Free*. Flexible PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is produced by mixing a rigid PVC resin with a blend of plasticizers, stabilizers, fillers and pigments. Tubing materials become softer and more flexible as the percentage of plasticizer is

  • Vancive Medical Technologies To Offer DEHP-Free

     · Plasticizer-Free Material. Vancive Medical Technologies supports medical device manufacturers with technical assistance and advanced materials that anticipate possible rules on DEHP use, including InteliShield barrier film. The film is designed with a novel combination of plastics that are devoid of PVC and plasticizers including DEHP.

  • Adopt some DEHP-free alternatives immediately.

     · In January 2002, Health Canada released the Final Report of the Expert Advisory Panel on DEHP in Medical Devices.1 Below is a summary of the Expert Panel’s findings. The Panel made recommendations based on a 2001 Health Canada review entitled “DEHP in Medical Devices An Exposure and Toxicity Assessment,”2 and external studies,


     · to ensure that DEHP-free blood packs provide blood components of equivalent qualityto thosecurrentlyin use.” Sanquin –“Bloodpack procurement exercises are complex and subject to tendering rules, therefore can take several years. Prior to this, at least five years’ worth of development work, validation and clinical trials would be

  • Toxic Effects of Di-2-ethylhexyl Phthalate An Overview

     · Di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP) is extensively used as a plasticizer in many products, especially medical devices, furniture materials, cosmetics, and personal care products. DEHP is noncovalently bound to plastics, and therefore, it will leach out of these products after repeated use, heating, and/or cleaning of the products. Due to the overuse of DEHP in many products, it enters and

  • Eliminating DEHP Plasticizer in Medical-Grade PVC

     · The plasticizers used to render PVC flexible constitute about a third of the vinyl compound by weight and have a significant effect on overall properties and performance. The most widely used plasticizer in medical applications, DEHP (di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate), has been shown to engender biological activity when metabolized in rodents (though not in humans).

  • Human Health Toxicity Risk Assessment of DEHP in

     · The extent to which DEHP is released from PVC medical devices is a function of the lipophilicity of the fluid that comes into contact with the device, length and surface area of the tubing used, flow rate and temperature. There is also wide variability in reported rates of DEHP extraction from medical tubing for the various medical devices.

  • EUA New RoHS Exemption for DEHP in Certain Rubber

    DEHP is added to rubber material as plasticizer in order to provide flexibility.The rubber components are used as flexible connections between parts of engine systems, and assure prevention of leakage, sealing of engine parts and protection from vibration or dirt and fluids over the lifetime of the engines.Currently, there are no DEHP-free alternatives available on the market which would


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  • Regulation of DEHP Health Care Without Harm

    Regulation of DEHP. In the last few years, a number of government agencies and expert panels in Europe, the US, Canada, and Japan have reviewed the safety of DEHP, used to soften PVC medical devices. Each of these agencies and expert panels has found that DEHP exposure from some medical procedures may pose a risk to patients' health.

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    Medical Dehp Free Types Of Infusion Set/iv Drip Set/iv Pump Set , Find Complete Details about Medical Dehp Free Types Of Infusion Set/iv Drip Set/iv Pump Set,Iv Pump Set,Iv Drip Set,Infusion Set Iv Pump Set from Other Medical Comsumables Supplier or Manufacturer-Nanjing Hoshin Medical

  • Becton Dickinson SECONDARY SET, 15DP W/HANGER

    Becton Dickinson SECONDARY SET, 15DP W/HANGER DEHP-FREE (100/CS) CARFUS72215N by Becton Dickinson. In Stock. $237.99. SKU 72215N medical license or a business facility license to process. If your purchase falls in that category, we will reach out to you to obtain proper documentation.

  • Hospitals Demand Switch to PVC- and DEHP-Free Devices

     · CHW is a network of 40 hospitals and medical centers located in California, Arizona, and Nevada. As it learned about the physical and environmental effects of products containing PVC and DEHP, CHW began advocating for alternative products from its vendors. Other hospitals have also called for a switch to PVC- and DEHP-free devices.


     · secondary excreted DEHP metabolites) suggest a current median exposure of 2 to 5 µg/kg bw/d, whereas the 95th percentile is estimated to be between 6 and 17 µg/kg bw/d. Use of PVC medical devices may lead to a higher exposure to DEHP than everyday sources affecting the general population. Several procedures such as exchange transfusion of